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This is not an article about changing the world

Zachary Voth | Ottawa, ON. | January 25, 2017

Last time I was published here, I wrote about the Conservative leadership candidates needing to lose their fear. Now, geopolitical events make analyzing their particular feelings seem like a boring pursuit. My own fear is much more pressing, so that's what I've been thinking (and now writing) about.

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Microfinance: A Better Way for Students to Give

Zachary Voth | Ottawa, ON. | October 10, 2016

Fall is a beautiful season. The leaves change. The temperature falls. And, if you're walking downtown in any major Canadian city, you can look forward to the cheerful individuals with red vests and clipboards disappearing from the streets soon. You know these people. The Humane Society, Because I Am A Girl, the Red Cross. Forced smiles and people going to absurd lengths to sidestep their piercing "hello, bonjour!"

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The Turkish Coup: The Last Great Failure

Mitchell Harris | Sault Ste. Marie, ON. | July 21, 2016

Friday evening, Ankara. As the curtain closes at a play in Kizilay, the rumble of rogue tanks moving in on the square overpowers the audience's applause. The beginning of the coup d'etat against Erdogan's government has begun. Suha, a banker, lives in the upper-class neighbourhoods in Kizilay and was at the theatre as the tanks rolled in.

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Brexit: Because calling people ignorant isn't a great campaign strategy

Zachary Voth | Ottawa, ON. | June 27, 2016

Dear Remain, It's a common sense thing, really. If you would like people to do what you want, you can compel them in one of two ways: The first would be to make your opponents fond of you. People do things for individuals they like all the time. It makes humans all warm and fuzzy inside. The Remain campaigners were, however, a bit short on time in the weeks prior to the referendum, so it's understandable that they didn't choose this option.

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Gawker's quote CORPORATE CENSORSHIP unquote

Zachary Voth | Ottawa, ON. | June 13, 2016

Since Terry Bollea won his $140 million dollar lawsuit against Gawker, on Pieter Thiel's dime, some people have been upset. A billionaire using his money to fund the plaintiff (and several preceding plaintiffs against the publication) has been called "corporate censorship," among other things.

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It's a War!

Mitchell Harris | Ankara, Turkey | May 6, 2016

A Turkish family sits down at the dinner table with Fox Haberler (Fox News) on the television. Fatih Portakal, the famous anchor of the evening news block, recounts the day's news - a car crash in Thrace; new agreements on the new Turkish constitution; more football protests. The norm - at least, the Turkish norm.

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Capitalism still fine, despite Panama Papers release

Zachary Voth | Ottawa, ON. | April 12, 2016

Well, the Panama Papers seem to be the best thing since Bernie Sanders to happen for left-of-centre theorists and writers everywhere. You can't scroll five inches without reading another headline on the coming collapse of global capitalism. This has been foretold, apparently, by the massive amounts of tax evasion revealed in the recent leak of information from Mossack Fonseca. The masses will really have had enough one of these days.

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Letting the Enemy Win

Mitchell Harris | Ankara, Turkey | March 23, 2016

With the recent terrorist attacks in Mali, Paris, and Ankara, people around the globe are anticipating more activity from groups like Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and the infamous Islamic State. Governments in countries like Belgium have issued statements warning its citizens to avoid large crowds, suspicious bags and popular destinations such as restaurants, shopping centres and tourist attractions. France has invoked martial law, which establishes a nation-wide curfew, and allows officers to search citizens without warrant and detain suspects for extended periods of time. The government of Canada has ramped up its fight against terrorism with the controversial Bill C-51, giving police agencies greater powers in wire-tapping, detention and surveillance, while candidates for the leadership of the GOP in the United States have come out in favour of surveillance measures targeting Muslims and people of Arabic descent.

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