Domestic Politics

5 signs that your leader might break up with you 

Zachary Voth 

Ottawa, ON. 

December 11, 2016 

I don't have to tell you how hard it is to be a democracy. You try to help out all of your people, and when it doesn't work out you get blamed for it. But that's not even the worst part. You have a #complicated relationship with your leader to deal with too. Sometimes it's fabulous, especially if he's a cutie. But it can also be stressful! I have you covered. This quiz will help tell you, democracy, if your leader is going to break up with you.

1. Does he try to change you?


Nobody's perfect. It's not your fault that you can produce a majority government with less than 50% of the popular vote. Who even decided that this was the standard by which all democracies have to be judged? #unrealisticdemocracystandards! If, instead of accepting you the way you are, your leader wants you to change in ways you don't feel comfortable with, there may be a problem. Personal growth and change are fine, but you, democracy, have to be okay with it first.

2. Does he care about what you think?


Don't be told what you think! A sign of an unhealthy relationship is when one partner assumes that they know what the other one wants, without asking. Another problem would one partner manipulating the other, by asking all kinds of questions about some things, but then acting alone on important decisions that should be put to a referendum. (Did I say referendum? What an odd choice of words #oops)

3. Does he take you for granted?


So, your last leader was a bit of a nerd. He and your new leader didn't get along very well. He fought for you when you first got together, but now, he doesn't seem to be trying as hard. Democracy, this is not your fault. You are a strong, stable, mature form of governance. Sometimes guys just stop trying, but it is still not worth your time.

4. Does he stick up for you to his friends?


Your leader's friends are #squadgoals. They help you get things done, and you work together as a team to do all kinds of stuff. But sometimes, people suck. If your leader's friends are bashing you or how you do things (democratic reform committee anyone) and he isn't sticking up for you, you might have a problem.

5. Does he have realistic plans for your future together?


Okay, so, he said you were going to a whole new electoral system by 2019. (Not first-past-the-post because ew, who even likes posts). It sounded great at first, but now it seems like things are moving really fast. Are you sure he is willing to take the time to go through the slow process of growing together? Having unrealistic goals can be a sign he doesn't want to try for anything more achievable that everyone is okay with.

Now, if you got a lot of "yes" answers, don't freak out, democracy. It isn't a sure thing that your leader is just going to force you into a new electoral system against your will. Stay calm, and don't do anything cray.

After all, this is just an online quiz. Everybody knows you shouldn't use online quizzes to make serious decisions.

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