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Christopher West has served as founder and editor-in-chief of The Young Canadian Media since it's launch in October of 2016. In founding TYCM, Chris hopes to foster a multi-faceted and multi-partisan news source, exposing Canada's young adults to a wide variety of views and experiences while remaining an informative conveyor of domestic and international events. Chris is also currently enrolled in Carleton University's Global Politics program as a third-year student, as well as an intern for the Canadian Defence Association Institute.

Liam Clark Attends The Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College for Culinary Innovations and Food Technology. Growing up in a busy restaurant in Welland, Ontario, food is nature to him and with the addition of extensive travelling has only escalated that nature into passion. A harbinger of life, in hope that the direction we're on, is the correct one. Willing to talk about philosophy, love, outdoors, travel, the arts and the joy we have everyday called living. Liam furthest most put his beliefs and faith in the family and the people around him.

Zach(ary) Voth is a Public Affairs and Policy Management student at Carleton University. Originally from Welland, Ontario, he is a secular Mennonite, Red Tory, cyclist, and writer. He is a political incrementalist, and a member of the Federal Conservative EDA in Ottawa Centre.

Liam McPherson is a Journalism student at Carleton University, and has harboured an interest in Canadian politics since he was small. McPherson often writes from a progressive point of view, but is not against hearing from or including other voices in his pieces.

Chloe Halpenny is a fourth year Public Affairs and Policy Management student at Carleton University. Having worked as a Page and Guide on Parliament Hill, she is fascinated by politics but decidedly non-partisan. Chloe has experience working in both South America and Africa and loves running, languages, travelling, and reading.

Andrew is in his fourth year of the HBA in Political Science at Carleton University, and has recently completed the International Law and Politics program at Queen’s University’s BISC in the UK. Inspired by his broad non-university experiences; his views on politics are grounded in sympathy, liberty and fairness. Andrew’s interests lie within community development, media ethics and the politics of indigenous affairs, social enterprise and environmental sustainability. Accordingly, he is a self-regarded “green-tory.” Splitting his time between Northern and Eastern Ontario, he has developed passions for nature, wellness, and creativity; and enjoys a plethora of activities found within Ontario’s parks.

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