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Electoral reform for Canada? The answer will shock you!

Zachary Voth | Ottawa, ON. | February 2, 2017

Angry Tom Mulcair is back. His reappearance on Wednesday was marked by supportive shouts from the New Democratic Party Caucus, and focused singularly on the abandonment of the Prime Minister's promise that the 2015 Federal Election would be the last to use First-Past-The-Post. This is to be expected. Changing the manner in which Members of Parliament are elected would dramatically improve the political fortunes of the NDP. Now that this is not to be, you can see in their faces that their hopes are dashed. The leader of the Green Party was similarly despondent. Read More

This is not an article about changing the world

Zachary Voth | Ottawa, ON. | January 25, 2017

Last time I was published here, I wrote about the Conservative leadership candidates needing to lose their fear. Now, geopolitical events make analyzing their particular feelings seem like a boring pursuit. My own fear is much more pressing, so that's what I've been thinking (and now writing) about. Read More

Conservative leadership contenders need to lose their fear

Zachary Voth | Ottawa, ON. | January 8, 2017

I've been watching the Conservative leadership race start to heat up over the holiday season. I'm not entirely encouraged. I see a lot of fear among the race's 13 candidates. The first manifestation of this is the many shots being taken at Kevin O'Leary. You can't land a blow on someone who isn't officially in the running. It's why he is putting off his entry into the race. This is an annoying tactic for him to use if you have entered the race, but it works, which is why O'Leary has chosen it. Read More

What are the advantages and disadvantages of clean label foods?

Liam Clark | Welland, ON | December 12, 2016

Clean label foods are on the rise, so much so that they were named the Food Business Trend of the Year, but with the stigmas, rules, and regulations that we as society have associated with them, we may discover that clean label foods may only be that; a simple trend. We Canadians see trends come and go everyday, and see the occasional trend come into norm, but should clean label foods be more than just a trend? It has the ability to affect more than just us as consumers, but the companies that make the food themselves and the government who controls the rules and regulations. Read More

5 signs that your leader might break up with you

Zachary Voth | Ottawa, ON. | December 11, 2016

I don't have to tell you how hard it is to be a democracy. You try to help out your whole family, and when it doesn't work out you get blamed for it. But that's not even the worst part. You have a #complicated relationship with your leader to deal with too. Sometimes it's fabulous, especially if he's a cutie. But it can also be stressful! I have you covered. This quiz will help tell you, democracy, if your leader is going to break up with you. Read More

Justin Trudeau is just like Stephen Harper!

Zachary Voth | Ottawa, ON. | November 21, 2016

Never underestimate sunny ways. Recent campaigns by the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Canadian Federation of Students have passionately attacked some comparatively mild policies from the Harper era that the Liberal government has decided to keep. (The bargaining arrangements for public servants and support for the bare minimum of pipelines, specifically). These attacks have largely followed the line "You said you'd be different!" and "You're just like Stephen Harper was!" Read More

Kim Kardashian and Meta-News

Zach Voth | Ottawa, ON. | October 17, 2016

This is going to be meta. It's an article about articles about reactions to an article. And I already wrote about something consequential this week, so now I can write some fluff about how Kim Kardashian was robbed, how the world reacted ambivalently, if not mirthfully, and how a wave of analytical articles popped up to explain how everyone is awful for treating such a terrible armed robbery as a joke. Read More

Microfinance: A Better Way for Students to Give

Zachary Voth | Ottawa, ON. | October 10, 2016

Fall is a beautiful season. The leaves change. The temperature falls. And, if you're walking downtown in any major Canadian city, you can look forward to the cheerful individuals with red vests and clipboards disappearing from the streets soon. You know these people. The Humane Society, Because I Am A Girl, the Red Cross. Forced smiles and people going to absurd lengths to sidestep their piercing "hello, bonjour!" Read More

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